Redefining Divorce: The Amicable Way

Why Does Mediation Work?

Controlled. Cost-effective. Concise.

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What is Redefining Divorce?

Redefining Divorce is a mediation firm that assists couples through amicable dissolutions and legal separations. The goal of Redefining Divorce is to help couples get through an extremely difficult time by providing guidance, compassion and affordable fees. We are successful because we are efficient and know how to navigate our clients through the murky emotional waters of the process. With our seasoned mediators, therapists, and financial advisors we are able to make this experience a bit less difficult and significantly less expensive.

We focus on quick resolutions by eliminating multiple parties and mediate between the couple only. The couple develops their own visitation schedule, decides how they want their property divided, and makes any other arrangements they feel necessary to make the final outcome work.

"We care about making sure this process is as painless as possible and we give our clients the tools to move forward in a healthy direction. We educate them on how to communicate, co-parent and find comfort in a newly designed life. Our number one priority is to make sure this experience doesn't permanently break their spirits and our second priority is to make sure there is money left for each of their long term goals when the process is finished."

— Zina B. Gleason